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Post Script:

A brochure made for a show I did @ the Whitney Museum called Pro Tools. This was also kinda the take away “catalog” for the show, aka it wz free and available at the exhibition. The idea here was we made two versions, one for the web (download below) and one that was printable. If you have download the below PDF and r wondering why it seemed backwards, that’s cause it is designed to be printed out all at once on a desktop printer, and then folded along the center length wise, after which it will turn into a small booklet. In the version of the brochure which wz at the Whitney, since it was printed by a professional printer which has the ability to print on the backs of pages, I had the back of each page be a Photoshop Gradient. Therefore you will notice the brochure at the Whitney has no staple, … anyway, during the show ppl didn’t seem to get this brochure had 8 free lithos in them, so more power to whoever took them and kept them. smile

Files / downloads:

  • Pro Tools, May 05 2011 - September 11 2011, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY