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Post Script:

Sooo,.....this was a miltiscreen commission by both the Whitney Museum in NY and the Barbarian art space in London with the idea that it would show in both places. Because of the difference in the two spaces it ended up showing as two different sizes. At the Barbican it was 14 screens(!), and at the Whitney it was 6 screens. The videos where generated in real-time by the game controllers being hot wired (by the Video Game TIVO TM chip), so, the games were actually being played in real time by a kinda mini computer. Though, of course, the games that were being “played” into the controllers were all losing games of straight gutter balls. Anyway. I have uploaded some video re-scans of the work above. Also possibly of note, it took me 9 months to made this and get it all straight, and it almost killed me! LOL.

  • Beat the Champ, February 10 2011 - May 22 2011, The Curve, Barbican Centre, London
  • Pro Tools, May 05 2011 - September 11 2011, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY