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  • Team Gallery, Venice Beach, CA
  • September 14 2014 - November 09 2014
About the show:

Mini retrospective in the form of a C+ cell phone store for a gallery in a garage (in Venice Beach!) :/


  • Team Gallery, New York, NY
  • September 07 2014 - October 26 2014
About the show:

Tried 2 b a grown up and did a show focusing on just one series of work…. w/ appearances from the “lake” applet, Britney, Hillary, Sport Products, On Compression, etc, etc.

About the show:

Dragan Espenschied restored my 2005 digital “readymade”, Bomb Iraq, and now it runs in a browser! Def check it out, and read Dragan’s beautiful txt. Another “virtual show” hmmm

You Only Live Once

  • SOHO Holiday Inn, Grand Lafyette conference room, New York, NY
  • May 17 2014 - May 17 2014
About the show:

Debut Arcangel Surfware pop-up / first show of all new work in a few years in NYC (since my Whitney show) ...... hmmm

THENnow: Mario Schifano / Cory Arcangel

  • MiArt, Milan Italy (w/ Studio Marconi ’65 & Lisson Gallery)
  • March 28 2014 - March 30 2014
About the show:

Really great experience working with Studio Marconi ’65 doing this show with the estate of Italian pop artist Mario Schifano.

All The Small Things

  • Herning Museum of Contemporary Art
  • March 21 2014 - September 19 2014
About the show:

Wasn’t doing IRL shows of nu work 4 a few years (needed a break, lol)…. so this one was a chill opportunity 2 try out all the nu ideas I had since my 2011 Whitney & Lisson shows .....

About the show:

Gotta luv these virtual shows(!) Linked to the AUDMCRS Underground Dance Music Collection of Recorded Sound.

Power Points

  • DHC/ART Foundation, Montreal, Quebec
  • June 21 2013 - November 24 2013
About the show:

​Best part of this was that all exhibition design used comic sans. Also,...each diff era? / area? of my stuff had its own room which was fun, .... photos, game stuff, composition, kinetic sculpture, vid mods, etc, etc.

Regarding Warhol

  • Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA
  • February 03 2013 - April 28 2013
About the show:

Silver Clouds, Super Mario Clouds wink


  • Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA
  • November 03 2012 - January 27 2013
About the show:

... had a super chill time putting this one together, ... a bit of everything really. A good vibe all around!

Cory Arcangel vs. / & Pierre Bismuth

  • Team Gallery, New York, NY
  • November 03 2011 - December 23 2011
About the show:

I picked 3 of Pierre’s things, he picked 3 of mine, and we made one together. smile

Speakers Going Hammer

  • Lisson Gallery, London, UK
  • October 11 2011 - November 12 2011
About the show:

​Not sure what to say about this one, except I had some yellow thing going on (no idea what that was about). I was also pretty proud of the Uggs sculpture here, A Few Casuals, and the humidifier filled with diet sprite, Real Taste. smile

Pro Tools

  • Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY
  • May 05 2011 - September 11 2011
About the show:

​All nu work 4 a show @ the Whitney. Almost put me in the grave making all this stuff in 9 months. Hope u like it!

Beat the Champ

  • The Curve, Barbican Centre, London
  • February 10 2011 - May 22 2011
About the show:

First time I showed Various Self Playing Bowling Games….on 14 screens. smile

Image is Everything

  • Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris, France
  • November 24 2010 - December 24 2010
About the show:

First show of all new work I did with leaving the lights on in the gallery. Took the title from the Agassi book I was reading at the time. Highly recommended (the book)!

Here Comes Everybody

  • Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, Germany
  • November 20 2010 - August 28 2011
About the show:

​Show that wz centered around music / composition.

Music For Stereos

  • Art Institute of Chicago
  • June 11 2010 - June 11 2010
About the show:

Composition for consumer home stereos, and CD’s. :/

Cory Arcangel For New Jerseyy

  • New Jerseyy, Basel, Switzerland / Tate Modern, London, UK / "Cyberspace"
  • May 12 2010 - May 16 2010
About the show:

FYI: This was an entirely “virtual” show…... I re-resigned New Jerseyy’s website for their participation in No Soul For Sale at the Tate.

The Sharper Image

  • MoCA, North Miami, FL
  • March 11 2010 - May 09 2010
About the show:

​Survey show, ... my best title by far.

Creative Pursuits

  • University of Michigan Museum of Art, Ann Arbor, MI
  • January 16 2010 - April 11 2010
About the show:

​The space had so many windows, I had to step up my non projected image game.


  • NiMK, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • August 29 2009 - November 14 2009
About the show:

Small all moving image survey show.


  • Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY
  • January 22 2009 - April 19 2009
About the show:

​Group show, .... got to show next to a sick Kenny Sharf (yES!!!) wink Also, Super Mario Clouds always gets shown differently, but this was the best “multi-screen” version of it I ever pulled off.

Adult Comtemporary

  • Team Gallery, New York, NY
  • November 14 2008 - December 20 2008
About the show:

A bunch of random stuff, .... first time I tried making on of my Photoshop Gradient Demonstrations super HUGE, which ended up working pretty good.

The Bruce Springsteen ‘Born to Run’ Glockenspiel Addendum

  • Light Industry, Brooklyn, New York
  • August 05 2008 - August 05 2008
About the show:

​First complete performance of my (epic?) composition for Glockenspiel and electronics.

Cory Arcangel + Olia Lialina and Dragan Espenschied

  • And / Or Gallery, Dallas, TX, USA
  • June 01 2008 - June 30 2008
About the show:

.. a summer show in Texas with Olia Lialina and Dragan Espenschied! Yes!

subtractions, modifications, addenda, and other recent contributions to participatory culture

  • Team Gallery, New York, NY
  • September 26 2006 - November 04 2006
About the show:

​Show that wz about re-using content / techniques.

Nerdzone Version 1

  • Migros Museum, Zurich, Switzerland
  • April 02 2005 - May 22 2005
About the show:

​Kinda a pixel show. Lotsa game / software stuff.

Super Mario Movie

  • Deitch Projects, New York, NY
  • January 15 2005 - February 26 2005
About the show:

​Collaboration with Paper Rad on a project we had been talking about for a few years. “A Mario comic on a cartridge” wz the original idea.


  • LISTE Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland (w/ Team Gallery)
  • June 14 2004 - June 20 2004
About the show:

I was in the booth the whole time, showing ppl how to play the games, FYI.