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Posted on: February 4, 2015

Don’t Talk To Strangers

​In a super chill show, ... actually its in someone’s APT. Stuff by myself and Arcangel Surfware. More info:

Don’t Talk to Strangers Opening: Thursday, Feb 5th, 7pm Réunion, Müllerstrasse 57, Zurich Artists present art works in strangers’ homes in Zurich. In each household, an installation area will be designated, while existing items (furniture, books, and personal objects) will be reinstalled in the art space. With the artworks thus displaced, visitors must directly contact the private hosts, whose phone numbers are available alongside their displayed belongings at Réunion. Artists: Alejandro Cesarco / Alois Godinat / Cory Arcangel / Federico Herrero / Karin Lehmann / Peles Empire / Richard Long / San Keller / Selina Grüter + Michèle Graf / Slavs and Tatars More Information | Facebook Event