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Posted on: April 24, 2014

Warhol’s Amiga

Happy 2 announce I was part of a great / chill team that went digging through Warhol’s old Amiga disks - never before looked at - and found some of Warhol’s Amiga experiments. The project was a collaboration between The Andy Warhol Museum, the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Computer Club (<——OMG such an amazing club!), the CMU Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, The Carnegie Museum of Art, and ..... yours truly. Anyway, there is lots to say, and since there was 4 organizations involved in the effort, there are several press releases(!!!!) ...... AWM, STUDIO, & CMOA. So, I hope u can check them out. FYI, it was the most fun project I ever worked on. A doc is coming soon here, so keep an eye out for that. Thanks 2 all involved. ~~~~! smile smile smile