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Posted on: February 11, 2013



commissaire de l’exposition Aram Bartholl

curated by Aram Bartholl
artistes participants /
participating artists :

Cory Arcangel, Kim Asendorf, Claude Closky, Constant Dullaart, Dragan
Espenschied, Faith Holland, JODI, Olia Lialina, Jonas Lund, Evan Roth,
Phil Thompson, Emilie Gervais & Sarah Weis

Jeudi 21 Février de 18h30 à 21h30
7:30 ouverture par Prof. Olia Lialina
Opening Thursday 21st February, 6.30-9.30pm
7:30pm Introduction by Prof. Olia Lialina

XPO GALLERY 17, rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth - 75003 Paris
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“new2” is the first show realized in the OFFLINE ART exhibition format. Web based art works will be accessible via wireless network but disconnected from the internet .A high profile selection of 14 artists of various ‘Internet generations’ - who are all working digitally and online - will present recent and new works. OFFLINE ART: new2 is a group show all about files, versions and copies that questions the endless ‘new’ in our era of the daily remix on the Internet. A digital file can be copied endlessly, without any loss of quality, and the web culture of nonstop creation, sharing and remixing of files has influenced a whole generation of artists.

ps - This is going to be wicked fun!!!!!!!!!!