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Posted on: September 11, 2012


Hey, everybody, …. so a few thingz this fall.

1. Sans Simon (a vid I made in 2004, one of my favz, see above) is up in a show at Wilkinson Gallery in London centered around the work of Dara Birnbaum. Curated by Karen Archey. Do check it out!

2. My month long vid Colors (that is …. the movie Colors, played one line of horz pixels at a time) iz up at the Tate Modern ALL YEAR. So, check it if u r there this year. Also, if you are at home, don’t worry, there is something 4 u as well, please check out the “Personal” edition of that software which is for download here.

3. Op11 was included in the first ever Cat Video Festival….it’s next to some real big time heavy hitters – watch at home here!!!! smile wink smile