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Posted on: July 14, 2011

Pro Tools @ Buzzfeed .....


Over at Buzzfeed you might see some stuff related to my show Pro Tools at the Whitney as they have signed on to be a media sponsor of my show (awesome!). Among other things, I have made some classic banner ads for Pro Tools (you will c them sprinkled throughout the site for the next month or so), and if you head over there this week, they have a new badge (badges are kinda like Buzzfeeds tags, or hashes) called Art? . The feed for this badge is here: Any post on the site can be tagged Art? by users so keep an eye on this page as it will b up for the next couple of days…..of course it turns out alot of memes fit under the heading Art?. (!!!!) ps - My classic (the one I’ve had for a while) buzzfeed site is here.