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Posted on: May 30, 2011

New Yorker Universal Caption Contest

caption-may-2011 Cory Arcangel

Over at the New Yorker website, from the desk of cartoon editor Bob Mankoff, comes a universal cartoon caption contest! Check it out. The post includes a roundup of several great New Yorker caption spin-offs (anti-caption, literal caption, & the classic Christ, what an asshole!), as well as a few of my automatically generated “What a misunderstanding!” cartoons ... they have also asked several of their editors to come up with universal captions (I especially love Kim Warp’s “I don’t get this cartoon, and I’m in it.”). Last but not least, they have initiated a universal caption contest(!!!!!!!!!), so you can come up with your own. Participate by commenting on their blog, or by using the hashtag #onecaption on twitter. ps - in case u r wondering, i am profiled in last weeks issue (subscription required) which is the tie in. smile