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Posted on: November 5, 2010

Title TK @ Other Music TONIGHT!

tiffany - Cory Arcangel

The new band I’m in Title TK (with Howie Chen and Alan Licht) is doing an “in-store” appearance tonight at Other Music. I’m quoting Alan here, ”...what most bands would call an “in-store”... a band that talks about music rather than playing it, kind of like a cross between David Antin and Spinal Tap”. Also we will have an after party at the SOHO Grand with Title TK DJs (DJ Hampton Jitney, DJ Spumoni Gardens, and DJ Pink Light). ps - I’m DJ Hampton Jitney and will be DJing my new Since U Been Gone “set”. Don’t miss it!

Title TK performance
Other Music, 15 E. 4th St. in Manhattan, 8pm FREE

Title TK Dj’s After Party
SoHo Grand Clubroom 310 West Broadway in Manhattan, from 9pm on. Also FREE

Above Photo: Detail of SUBG DJ “set”, ink on paper print, etc, etc.