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Posted on: August 16, 2010

Auto Blogs

Cory Arcangel - New - misunderstanding-double

This afternoon I had a nice surprise in my email inbox. For those not in the know (I’m assuming that’s pretty much everyone), last year I started a tumblr blog called “What a Misunderstanding!”. This blog is an “auto-blog”, or a blog entirely run by a script (meaning I don’t have to do anything, it runs by itself, 24/7, 365). Every Monday the script goes over to, finds the current week’s “caption this cartoon” image, and re-posts it to a Tumblr blog with the caption “What a Misunderstanding!”.....the only hard thing about programming this was that I had to account for double issues. I couldn’t just run the script every week because a few times a year the blog would post the same cartoon twice if the New Yorker was on a double issue. Therefore I programmed the code to account for double issues, and pretty much forgot about it. Today, it turns out was a double issue. So, I got the email message above. Im surprised when any code I write works, so this was pretty exciting…....Im just saying…......... smile

ps - The code for What a Misunderstanding! is here.