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Posted on: May 31, 2010

What a Misunderstanding!


FYi: I fixed  / updated the script for my site “What a Misunderstanding!”. In case u r not familiar with the site, (I havnt posted it yet here in the news feed) last year I wrote a small script which pulls the current New Yorker “caption this cartoon” cartoon, posts it to a new blog, and automatically captions it with the phrase “What a Misunderstansing!”. All this happens automatically every Monday at 1pm EST (unless of course the New Yorker is on a double issue). Anyway, the script broke for a while, so the site was down for a bit, but its all a go now. The source code for this is here.

This project had come out of a conversation / an earlier piece I did for Dexter Sinister’s great series of newspapers for PERFORMA. You can see my “Catroon This Caption” (aka a blank cartoon with the caption “What a Misunderstanding!”) in this PDF. ps - Also prolly of more interest is since putting this site up, I have seen a few similar things. There is this site here (which is better and from 06!), and also the Daily Show did a similar “bit” as well…... smile