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Posted on: March 31, 2010

Selected Single Channel Work @ Moca Miami

Cory Arcangel - Selected Single Channel Work

So, this Saturday April 3rd @ 2pm at the Museum of Contemporary Art Miami as part of my show The Sharper Image, there will be a screening I put together titled “Selected Single Channel Work”. This is a 50 minute long video program / new video (ish) consisting of videos I made, videos from my extensive personal VHS archive, some of my ultimate fav net vids, as well as random audio bits, pictures, and other assorted junk I had lying around on my hard-drive. All this has all been edited together into one massive and confusing video screening. This is an ongoing project - the first time I did this with my work was @ EAI back in 2006. Since alot of time has passed since then, only a few minutes of that original screening remain in this new one.┬áThis series has never been distributed, so like past versions, this will only screen once(!)....aka if u r near Miami - THIS EVENT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY ME(!!!!)