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Posted on: January 24, 2010

New URL / Please Update Your Links!

So, there have been some changes around here ......a new decade, a new design (thanks Intuit Small Business “web tools”!), a new URL, a new back end (wordpress), and even some new projects / things / whatever have been added to the “things i made” section…..........I hope you like all these changes, ....(ps - if u r reading this in a feed reader of course nothing seems different, so please click here to see what i’m talking about)

So, first things first,.... I have new XML feeds. My news feed, which used to be here:, is now located here: I have put a redirect in, so you all should be fine, but some feed readers are pretty wonky, and also i’m pretty bad with these things, so i would suggest u unsubscribe from the old one, and subscribe to the new one,...thanks!.

Also I have added a new feed, one for my Hot Links, which is a combination of my activity on my delicious, my buzzfeed, my youtube, and my supercentral accounts. If you like web junk, this is the feed for you. That feed is here:, but of course you can just peep these on the home page as they are running in the left column, or the archive which is here.

So yeah, I’ve been meaning to do all of this for like 3+ years, so I am happy I finally got around to it. In the words of Jermaine Dupri, ”Cuff links come into your life when you get past 25, 30 years old.” Please shoot me an email if you notice anything not working or whatever…....& thanks again for visiting my website(!).