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Posted on: January 12, 2010

Creative Pursuits & Master Class in Reverse

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I gotta show I’ve titled “Creative Pursuits” opening up this Saturday, January 16, @ 6pm at the University of Michigan Art Museum . Im showing a bunch of new things,....some new Photoshop prints, op11, new & old game mods, ..... and last but not least I’ll be showing the first ‘sculpture’ I ever made (which is “kinetic” by the way). U can see kinda what the show is all about from the “trailer” above (sorry though, no sculpture appears in this vid, ......).....except in Germany where apparently Billy Joel doesn’t allow his music to be played on utube… ALso, there will be a performance the night of the opening in collaboration with the University of Michigan Digital Music Ensemble called Master Class in Reverse (in the Helmut Stern Auditorium, Free and open to the public). Seating is limited. Here is the blurb from UMMA:

Come experience this collaborative, improvisational performance between Brooklyn-based artist and musician Cory Arcangel and the University of Michigan Digital Music Ensemble. Marking the opening of Arcangel’s solo exhibition at UMMA, this program will involve Arcangel and the audience experiencing and experimenting with a number of interactive, sound-producing objects created and displayed by the Digital Music Ensemble. The performance will be completely unscripted and the ‘instruments’ will remain a mystery to Arcangel and the public at large until the show begins.

note: So basically its a totally improv’d perfomance with a bunch of instruments I have never seen before. There is a high probabilty it will be a total disaster (but that’s kinda the idea). I am looking forward to it

To Recap:

University of Mighican Museum of Art: Helmut Stern Auditorium
a NEW premiere performance…
Jan 16th @ 8 PM

University of Mighican Museum of Art: Project Gallery
an art show
January 16 through April 11, 2010, Reception—> January 16, 6-8pm.
additional info here

ps - Also there is an “artist walkthrough” of the show at 130pm on Sunday…......

pps - I just realized it’s the University of Michigan Museum of Art, and not the University of Michigan Art Museum, so please note that wherever I’ve screwed it up…..