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Posted on: December 16, 2009

Digital Folklore

Internet experts DRX and OLIA, have released a new book(!!!!), The Digital Folklore Reader. UPDATE: I’m such a moron that when I posted this yesterday, I forgot the link. One more time, its HERE.

The book features works and texts by me, Julia Boger, Manuel Buerger, Helene Dams, Dragan Espenschied, Jorg Frohnmayer, Mark Grimm, Christopher Heller, Yunchul Kim, Dennis Knopf, Stefan Krappitz, Florian Kroner, Tobias Leingruber, Olia Lialina, Leo Merz, Bernadette Neuroth, o+ro, johannes p osterhoff, Isabel Pettinato, Michael Rub, Theo Seemann, Alexander Schlegel, Bert Schutzbach, and Siegfried Zielinsky.

Here is a bit of text from the book:

Users’ endeavors, like glittering star backgrounds, photos of cute kittens and rainbow gradients, are mostly derided as kitsch or in the most extreme cases, postulated as the end of culture itself. In fact this evolving vernacular, created by users for users, is the most important, beautiful and misunderstood language of new media.

Basically, if you r a geocities, or ASCII art, or BLINK, or marquee freak, this book is 4 u. The Internet is a wonderful place, and DRX and OLIA have tried to articulate this in the most archival form known to man .....the book. So in 2000 years people will still be able to read about the things that were once in the land called Anglefire. Christmas tree’s all across the world need this!!!!!.