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Posted on: November 18, 2009

Lisson Presents 7 & op11 in Salzburg


So, if your in London please stop by the Lisson Gallery. I have done a thing there called “Lisson Presents” which is a series they have where they invite people to rummage through their archives and show what ever catches their eye. Since Lisson at one time or another has shown a ton of my all time fav artists, this was pretty fun. Works by Stephen Willats (a work from the 60’s as well as a new commission!!!!!), John Armleder, Ceal Foyer, Daniel Buren, Art and Language, & Rodney and Dan Graham… - a few of my things will be on show as well. UPDATE picts here. Also, note from the 27th on, my video, Drei Klavierstucke op. 11 is gonna be on show in Salzburg at Ropac gallery. Of course you can watch it here, but Austria is an equally appropriate place as well. I would encourage both! More info here.