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Posted on: May 12, 2007

Art Show in Stockholm + lecture in Stuttgart

Art Show Stockholm @ Brandstrom and Stene Gallery…

May 24th, opening 18-20 (6-8pm btw),......

Radio Show on

May 28th, 15-17Uhr Stuttgart time

Lecture at Merz Akademie Stuttgart

May 29th, 19Uhr

Here is the narritave version of the above. I have a show of new work in Stockholm @ Brandstrom and Stene Gallery. The opening is May 24th 6-8. I will be showing some new work for projectors and the “keystone” function, 2 new series of prints using “Photoshop” (as seen above, yes me and photoshop, the day has finally come….) and also some using my scanner (that too), and some other random new work…...I might also show “Untitled Translation Exercise” which is also worth seeing if you havnt yet. Anyway, a few days after that at Merz academy in Stuttgart on the 29th, I will be giving a lecture in a series Olia is organizing called Digital Folklore. I AM REALLY PUMPED ABOUT THIS. Here is more info about that. Oh yeah, and this is backwards, on the 28th on I will be filling the air for 2 hours with hopefully something cool, but at the moment again I have no idea. Great, I hope to see some heads at these events, or whatever. Oh yeah, and for those of you who have written to me excited about my new style of refusing to put hyperlinks on things, I apologize about this post including hyperlinks.