Cory Arcangel's Official Portfolio Website and Portal

Hello! I am an artist and entrepreneur living and working in Stavanger, Norway. This is my internet home. I tend to make alot of stuff - web, fine art, music, etc, etc - and on this site I have tried my best to organize it as well as I can so u all can take a look! It’s updated very very very sporadically, by me(!), so if something isn’t here, please stop by in a few months / years, & maybe it will have shown up! I’m trying my best!

Favorite Music
Tangerine Dream



Team Gallery, New York
Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris / Salzburg
Lisson Gallery, London

Bravado / Arcangel Surfware

Electronic Art Intermix



studio at the domain name of this site.


What’s with the animated icons on the Things I Made stuff? Those are icons 2 let u know there is some active stuff associated with the project. Lotsa of the stuff I have made has an aspect, or is entirely supposed to b checked out over a computer, ... either through a browser, headphones, as code, or as a weirdo video on a social network, etc, etc. So those icons are there to help u know if there is something associated with the project (or the project itself) u can check out at home.

- This project has a video u can watch.
- Something 2 download.
- Some source code which u can download / copy / modify.
- Something 2 listen 2.
- U can buy this!
- An associated website, or somethign on the web to check out.

Can I use your code or modify one of your projects? Yeah, totally, …if the code is on this site it’s there for modding. I’d love an email if you do anything cool. A few people have done cool stuff with my projects, for example check SiriProxy-PizzaParty an (updated iphone Siri!) version of Pizza Party, or this remake of Super Mario Clouds.

I found a code error in one of your projects, are you interested in fixing it?
Yes, I am grateful when people find errors, and in fact this is one of my most common emails. Send it along! Ill give you a shout out! See the source code section of my project Super Mario Clouds for an example (there wz a mistake in one of the pixels in the clouds!). Thanks Jack!

What is your favorite record at the moment?
Boston by Boston. Always.

Can I show XYZ work I found on the web of yours in an art show I am organizing? Please email me. Note: I often have wildly different ways of showing stuff of mine which is on the web in real space (aka its complcated), though I am up to considering anything.

Will u come do a performance at my college / loft / gallery / museum?
Again, I am up to considering anything, please email me.

Im organizing a stand up comedy night, and I heard you do these kinda things, do you really do this and if so, will you perform?
Yes, sometimes I do stand up comedy, so contact me and Ill see if it is something I can work into my schedule.

What’s your favorite programming language?

What’s this TK thing u keep talking about?
That’s a band I am in with Howie Chen and Alan Licht. C u on the road!

What’s Arcangel Surfware?
It’s my merchandise & publishing imprint done in collaboration with The Bravado Group (a division of Universal Music Group). It’s seems casual, but seriously, don’t sleep on it! I’m grinding hard on those things, and everything is super limited / available for only a short time.

What’s these The Source things I keep seeing around?
It’s a series of archival zines I am publishing through Arcangel Surfware which contain source code for past projects of mine. Def pick them up if u see them! Highly recommended.