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Posted on: September 20, 2017

Arcangel Surfware @ NYABF 2017

The New York Art Book Fair
MoMA PS1, 22-25 Jackson Avenue on 46th Avenue, Long Island City, NY
September 22–24, 2017
Table #C12

Arcangel Surfware is pleased to announce our participation in the New York Art Book Fair at MoMA PS1 this weekend. We will be presenting this years’ two showcases in a totally new format – a trade-show styled booth featuring a custom fast-food style liquid crystal display menu designed in collaboration with Wax Studios.

Our featured presentation will be a series of new items from Cory Arcangel’s currentmood series, which premiered in an eponymous exhibition at Lisson Gallery, London, in Summer 2016. A limited edition of three new Fidget Spinner sculptures by Arcangel, titled 3 Celebs Who Treat Their Fans Like Trash (SRF-047), 3 Celebs You Didnt Know Were Smokers (SRF-048), and 3 Celebs Who Were Born Rich (SRF-049)––priced at $19.95 each, or $39.95 for all three––will be available for purchase EXCLUSIVELY at this year’s NYABF. Additionally, Arcangel Surfware will be selling a currentmood t-shirt for $39.95, featuring an installation still from the 2016 Lisson exhibition (SRF-050). We will also have on hand Arcangel’s 2016 Triple Canopy currentmood edition – a set of five canvases housed in a custom box.

In our second release, we will be launching our bespoke Music and the Mind of the World Twitter bot ( Pulling from Tony Conrad’s Music and the Mind of the World (1976–1982), a multipart composition published by Arcangel Surfware in April of this year, the Python-built bot (engineered in-studio) recalls Conrad’s entries that were recorded on each specific day of the year. The bot-generated tweets include the recording location, Tony’s company at the time, and the piano that was recorded. This function allows followers to absorb the project over time––experiencing the work in the way it was created.

Arcangel Surfware will also be hawking some classic products, re-stocked just in time for NYABF––if you’ve been waiting to pick up a pair of our recently re-stocked Fuck Negativity Slides (SRF-032), White Logo Tee (SRF-034), or copy of The Source Digest (SRF-038), this is your chance! If you’re new to Surfware, we’re compiling a special Starter Kit, available for $79.95 at our booth.

We hope 2 c u there!


Arcangel Surfware is a non-aspirational lifestyle, software, and publishing company founded by artist Cory Arcangel in 2014.


Cory Arcangel (b. 1978, Buffalo, NY) is an artist and entrepreneur who lives in Stavanger, Norway and works in New York, who makes work in a wide range of media. He recently opened the touring two-person show, “Asymmetrical Response” with Olia Lialina which traveled to the Western Front in Vancouver, the Kitchen in New York, and Art Projects Ibiza in Ibiza. His work is included in many public collections, including the MoMA in New York, the Tate in London, Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie, and the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst in Zürich.


From 1976 to 1982, Tony Conrad (1940-2016) created “Music and the Mind of the World,” a piano composition comprising over 200 hours of recorded music. During this time everything Conrad played on the piano was recorded (with the incidental exception of perhaps three or four hours). In this endeavor––which includes the sounds of practicing, banging on the keys, formal exercises, experiments with the harmonic sonority of the piano itself, and even “On Top of Old Smokey”––we witness what might in essence be described as the total encounter between an improvising performer and the central instrument of Western musical culture. Now, for the first time, this influential yet largely unknown work has been published by Arcangel Surfware and is now available online for free at the domain


Preview Thursday, September 21, 6-9 pm

Friday, September 22, 1-7pm

Saturday, September 23, 11am-9pm

Sunday, September 24, 11am-7pm

For further press inquiries, contact [ info AT arcangelsurfware DOT biz].

Posted on: September 1, 2017


OMG, PPL kept at it with the emails, TXTs, mentions, etc, etc, SO BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND R Arcangel Surware Fuck Negativity Slides, JUST IN TIME FOR LABOR DAY weekend. 20% this weekend with code #RESTOCK2017

Posted on: August 30, 2017





Preview Aug. 18., 2017 / 19-21.

Open Aug. 19/20./26./27., 12-15. Otherwise by appointment. Last day Sep. 10.

Prosjektrom Normanns is pleased to announce a solo show of new works by Jacob Ciocci (USA), the artist’s first solo exhibition in Scandinavia. The show is curated by Cory Arcangel (USA/NO) under the auspices of Arcangel Surfware Information Services. Entitled ONE OF THOSE DAYS, the exhibition will take place at Prosjektrom Normanns and simultaneously on Pinterest –– a style-and-recipe-inspiration social network. The exhibition’s Pinterest URL is located at

The exhibition includes two new bodies of works: A series of still life photographs using the «Flat Lay» technique, and three sculptures of charging cell phones.

Ciocci’s still life, chromogenic-print color photographs are housed in consumer silver frames. Each photograph is crowded with an assemblage of contemporary trash, such as old calculators, broken Apple computer adaptors, food wrappings, medicine bottles and stuffed toys. Ciocci collects these items from the Goodwill Outlet, a non profit thrift store in North Versailles, Pennsylvania, USA. Unsold items are send to the outlet center from Goodwill retail stores, and are available to purchase - unsorted by the pound - in massive bins. Items found at this store are barely one step away from being tossed in a landfill.

Ciocci arranges and photographs these items from above, laying the objects flat on a white surface in a technique called Flat Lay. Flat Lay photography has been popularized by social networks in the vein of Instagram and Pinterest, and is often used by brands as a storytelling tool to create a lifestyle context for their products. Ciocci’s photographs will be hung in the gallery, and uploaded and circulated over the duration of the show on the social network Pinterest, at the URL

The exhibition also features three sculptures of charging cell phones. The arrangement of each phone, its power adapter, and the wall socket will be dramatized in the space by Ciocci; the sculptures are modeled after the awkward positioning that personal cellphones appear in while being charged in public spaces such as the library or the airport. Often, the cord is not long enough, the socket is too far away, or the phone is too big to lay anywhere but on the floor. Ciocci re-envisions these ungainly “charging” moments - a uniquely contemporary phenomenon - into a performance where the electric grid, power socket, cell phones and their operating systems interact.

Jacob Ciocci (b. 1977, Lexington, KY) is a multimedia artist and musician. Ciocci is a founding member of the influential art collective Paper Rad whose work in the field of––one of contemporary arts’ recent movements of the true avant-garde––helped ignite the genre, and is considered formative to a generation of younger artists whose works deals with the digital. He is also a co-founder of the long running electronic music and performance group, Extreme Animals (see Spotify!). Ciocci has had solo exhibitions with Foxy Productions, New York; Interstate Projects, New York; Anthology Film Archives, New York; Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto; and And/Or Gallery, Los Angeles. He has exhibited and performed at a range of venues, including MOMA, the New Museum, and the Tate Britain. Ciocci is also one of the first Google Image results for the phrase “making friends with computers”.

Cory Arcangel (b. 1978, Buffalo, NY) is a fine-artist based in Stavanger, Norway who makes work in a wide range of media. He recently opened the touring two-person show, “Asymmetrical Response” with Olia Lialina which traveled to the Western Front in Vancouver, the Kitchen in New York, and Art Projects Ibiza in Ibiza. He recently published the paperback, “The Source Digest” under the auspices of his publishing and merchandise imprint, Arcangel Surfware. His work is included in many public collections, including the MoMA in New York, the Tate in London, Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie, and the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst in Zürich.

Arcangel and Ciocci met in 1996 in their freshman year at Oberlin College in a beginner programming class centered around the Macintosh rolodex and programming language Hypercard.

Posted on: January 6, 2017

Asymmetrical Response @ the Kitchen

​Olia Lialina’s & I’s show travels to the Kitchen! New install. New works. (x3) the SIZE. OMG. wink Jan 11—Feb 18, 2017 opening, Wednesday 11th 6-8pm. TXT:

In military parlance, the terms asymmetrical and symmetrical are employed to refer to political provocations and diplomatic démarches, escalation and tension, and power dynamics of the highest order. Not specific to war, these terms also refer more generally to a set of relations that define our connections to power.

On the eve of Y2K, Russian­-born Olia Lialina—who is among the best-known participants in the 1990s scene—first met American artist Cory Arcangel. Ever since, the artists have been deep in dialogue about the social and cultural impact of the Internet’s historical shift from a tool for military communication to an “information superhighway” promising open and equal exchange, and, finally, the increasingly asymmetric “content delivery system” we experience today. In this first collaboration, Arcangel and Lialina present complex bodies of work that arose through their continuing conversation. Curated by Caitlin Jones for Western Front, Vancouver; organized by Tim Griffin and Lumi Tan for The Kitchen.

Posted on: October 30, 2016

So shines a good deed in a weary world

So pleased that tonight(!!!!!) is the US premiere of my 2014 longform documentary (and one of my proudest thingz made this 2010’s), So shines a good deed in a weary world. It’s part of an Anthology Film archives series called, “THE MEDIUM IS THE MASSACRE”, and is screening along with Gabriadze’s UNFRIENDED. Says anthology here:


A special double feature encompassing the U.S. premiere of recent work by artist Cory Arcangel and one of the most innovative horror films of the last decade. (Arcangel screens first followed by UNFRIENDED, without intermission.)

Cory Arcangel
2014, 93 min, digital
Named after a line from WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY – whose star Peter Ostrum turns up on a video on the Dunkin’ Donuts YouTube channel handing out free coupons to DC metro riders – this is a deadpan anthropological exploration of the Dunkin’ Donuts digital marketing apparatus in the form of a feature-length screen capture desktop documentary. Moving with structural precision through Dunkin’ Donuts’s website, YouTube channel, Vine, and Twitter, SO SHINES is a kind of DIY archival project documenting the ephemeral promotional literature that corporations are so quick to expunge, and also a wry and frequently hilarious commentary on how 21st century marketing leverages manifold new platforms, genres, consumers, and pseudo-celebrities to make its pitch. Highlights include an awkward promotional interview with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and a stomach churning Google Hangout-hosted #DDTOPCHEF cooking contest, in which aspiring chefs compete to make the tastiest (and most bizarre) Dunkin’-inspired recipes like “Desert Nachos” (“Donuts are my favorite food, nachos are my other favorite food… How can you go wrong?”) As Arcangel writes, “SOOOOOOOO DARK!” Terrifying indeed.

Levan Gabriadze
2014, 83 min, 35mm
Created entirely from a seemingly unedited desktop capture, UNFRIENDED is an innovative pop horror film about a group of friends connected via Skype, Facebook, and iChat while seemingly harassed by the malevolent digital presence of their deceased friend, formerly the popular but deeply disliked queen bee of her class. Her suicide, captured on Live Leak, followed an anonymous YouTube upload of embarrassing footage. As the five friends are held hostage by the invasive digital presence, questions of culpability and loyalty drive a wedge between them amid sadistic psychological games – and gruesome deaths. UNFRIENDED gets major likes for the authenticity of its digital environment and the keenly observed minutiae of communication (the fits, starts, and deletions, the glitchy buffering, and the anxious anticipation of seeing “Laura is typing…”). Few films so effectively, gleefully, and unpretentiously convey the concerns of so much “post-internet” art – and if things couldn’t get stranger, the director is none other than Georgian Levan Gabriadze, the fiddle player in 1986 Soviet sci-fi cult classic KIN-DZA-DZA!

Posted on: October 10, 2016

Files @ Badlands

​Sooooooo pumped 2 be a part of the Badlands “Files’ series. In short, Bandlands is publishing “files”, not artworks, not writing, but files. Out of my 750,000 currently littering my RAID, I have published a small TXT file from never finished project of mine from 2006 ... so peep the site for more info. Also def wroth it r the other projects by Paul Chan & Martine Syms. YAS!